Do I have to be registered to place an order?2020-04-07T13:53:57+00:00

No, registration is not necessary. You can always order as a guest only.

Is there a minimum order value?2020-04-07T13:54:24+00:00

No, in order to ensure that even small wishes can be fulfilled, there is no minimum order value in our fanshop and no minimum quantity surcharge.

How do I find my right size?2020-04-07T13:54:56+00:00

The stored size tables help you to find the right size.

Can articles that are already out of stock be available again later?2020-04-07T13:55:37+00:00

Yes, in principle it is possible that an item that is sold out will become available again at a later date. It is therefore worthwhile to visit the fanshop regularly.

Is there an order limit?2020-04-07T13:56:06+00:00

Yes, you can order a maximum of ten pieces per article. Please understand that the trading of our fanshop articles is not permitted.

Is the statutory VAT included in the price?2020-04-07T14:03:32+00:00

Yes, all our prices include the statutory VAT.

Is shipping free of charge?2020-04-07T14:03:57+00:00

No, but we have chosen fair and transparent shipping costs.

Where can I find my invoice?2020-04-07T14:04:46+00:00

The invoice will be sent by e-mail after receiving the shipping confirmation. If you have not received the invoice, please contact customer service.

Which payment methods are possible?2020-04-20T10:08:36+00:00

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Direct debit
  • Instant transfer
  • Giropay
Can I pay in another currency?2020-04-08T13:18:53+00:00

If your payment is made in another currency, the financial institution may charge exchange rate fees.

Are deliveries to the UK possible despite Brexit?2020-04-07T13:57:25+00:00

Deliveries to the UK are still possible until the British government makes an official announcement.

Is delivery also possible outside Europe?2020-04-07T13:57:50+00:00

Unfortunately, only countries within the EU can be supplied at the moment. Nevertheless, we are currently exploring options regarding the provision of our service in non-EU countries as well.

Are there any customs or import duties on my orders?2020-04-07T13:58:16+00:00

No, all orders within the EU are free of customs and import duties.

Which countries can be supplied?2020-04-07T13:58:42+00:00

We deliver to all countries within the EU. The UK is included until further official changes are made.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the shop?2020-04-07T14:08:44+00:00

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

You can reach our customer service by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. at +49 (0) 2821 7218-995 or by e-mail at shop.ngkntk@prowerb.de.

What can I do if the ordered goods do not fit or if I do not like them?2020-04-07T14:07:42+00:00

The goods purchased in the fanshop can be returned at any time. Please add your name, the order number and the returned items to the return shipment, e.g. by printing out the invoice. Please send the return shipment to the following address:

Prowerb GmbH


Huissener Straße 7-9

47533 Kleve

Where do I get my money refunded?2020-04-07T14:08:10+00:00

The method of refund depends on the payment method you have chosen.

Can my ordered goods be exchanged?2020-04-07T14:07:00+00:00

Of course, you can return goods within the stated period of time according to our cancellation policy. If an item is desired in a different colour or size, it can of course be exchanged.

Can I track the delivery of my order?2020-04-07T13:59:25+00:00

After successful shipment, you will receive an e-mail from the parcel service DPD with a link to track your order. Here you can check the status of your delivery.

Can I have my order delivered at a packing station?2020-04-07T14:00:11+00:00

Since our parcels are delivered via DPD and packing stations are operated exclusively by DHL, we unfortunately cannot offer delivery to a packing station.

Is it possible to ship to a different delivery address?2020-04-07T14:00:46+00:00

We deliver to any address you wish, i.e. even to a delivery address that differs from your main address.

What can I do if my ordered goods do not arrive?2020-04-07T14:01:15+00:00

Please contact our customer service if your order has not been delivered after a longer than expected period of time.

Will I be informed as soon as my order has been shipped?2020-04-07T14:01:47+00:00

As soon as the package leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation.

Can I choose the delivery agent?2020-04-07T14:02:19+00:00

All packages are shipped exclusively via DPD. Small items are shipped via Deutsche Post.

How long does it take until my order arrives?2020-04-07T14:02:43+00:00

This can vary depending on the delivery location. The estimated delivery times are shown in your online shopping basket.

Where does my order come from?2020-04-07T14:03:07+00:00

Your order is shipped by our logistics service provider, Prowerb, in Kleve, Germany.

Will I receive an order confirmation?2020-04-07T13:56:52+00:00

You will receive an automatic e-mail order confirmation shortly after your order has been placed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact our customer service.

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